100K mold damage and how to avoid a similar fate

Investing in a home requires a large sum of money. When something endangers that property, steps are taken to protect the investment. Home owners buy insurance, buy burglar alarms, hire pest control, etc. However, not all hazards can be predicted and protected against.

One Florida homeowner, Veloz, discovered she was unprepared to stop one hundred thousand dollars worth of damage to her property. Her home in Lee County at the intersection of 19th Street SW and Olive Avenue was vandalized, after renters moved out. The vandals were the first to damage the home, but as they left the property they also left the water running.

The resulting water damage sustained by the home inevitably gave birth to the mold that would skyrocket the cost of her repairs. Anyone outside the home would not notice the mold, but the mold is growing almost everywhere inside. It has crept along the baseboards, the walls and even onto the ceiling. So, while the sheriff’s department investigates the crime, the mold continues to grow and damage the home. Veloz will undoubtedly lose a considerable amount of capital to protect her investment at this point.

Fortunately, for other homeowners, her situation is a warning sign. Homeowners should learn these basic steps to decrease the possibility of mold build up.

  1. Control the moisture inside
    Invest in a moisture or humidity meter and keep indoor humidity roughly around 45%. This can be achieved through the use of the home’s air conditioning system.
  2. Keep indoors as dry as possible
    If liquid spills, then clean and dry the affected area. Dry off any noticeable condensation.
  3. Maintain operational roof gutters
    Mold spores are in many places outdoors. If roof gutters are not working properly, then they may become an excellent area where mold can grow and begin affecting the home.
  4. Repair water leaks
    Any leaks inside the house should be repaired as soon as possible. It is also imperative to dry the surrounding area, within 24-48 hours. This will help prevent the growth of mold.

If the problem is larger than a homeowner can deal with alone. It is important to contact a certified local mold specialist like Super Restoration. We are certified to perform mold inspections and mold remediation. When prevention is no longer effective, contact the professionals. To avoid situations like the one Veloz was a part of. It is also a good idea to have a burglary alarm system installed. This way, even if vandals leave the water running, someone will know before mold grows throughout the home.

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