Are You Costing Yourself Money?

Rumor has it that restoration contractors are expensive and that the industry is a rip off – but the truth is that NOT properly responding is more expensive.

Trying to restore damage on your own can be a costly nightmare. Unless you have the tools, training, and experience to search out and water damage, you could end up with future mold damage… causing you more stress and costing you more money.

Water can hide, causing mold to grow unnoticed until you have significant damage throughout your home or office. In addition to its unsightliness and “ick factor,” mold can cause several health concerns as well.

And whether your water damage is a result of fire or storm, you are also likely to experience odor concerns. Trying to cover up odors with ordinary sprays or deodorizers simply masks the problem, requiring you to try again and again to get rid of the stink. Restoration professionals know how to find the source of the smell and eliminate it for good.

You can be sure you are not paying too much for your restoration service by hiring a company that uses Xactimate software to estimate your cost before beginning your project. This is the pricing tool most restoration and insurance companies use to estimate costs for damage repair. This leads to relatively standard pricing across the industry. What then sets one restoration company apart from another?


You may have an acceptable outcome with whatever reputable service you choose, but choosing a service that revolves around you will give you an outstanding outcome.

Super Restoration is built on service, as it has been from day one. It starts with our guarantee. Not only do we guarantee your restoration work for one full year after project completion, we also stand by our estimate and our timeline provided before the job begins. You won’t be kept waiting and wondering when the job will be finished, or suffering sticker shock because the actual cost ends up being twice what you were originally told. With Super Restoration, your job will be completed to your satisfaction, on time and at the price quoted.

When you choose Super Restoration, you choose the largest and most up-to-date fleet of service vehicles and equipment in the region. This means your Super Restoration team can be mobilized to your site faster, and with the best equipment available. When Seconds MatterSM, you don’t want to be kept waiting because your restoration company has all its equipment at someone else’s job site. You need your team to be ready to begin work right away.

Above all else, Super Restoration’s exceptional service is a product of our exceptional personnel. They are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you whenever an emergency strikes. The area’s largest team of highly trained and IICRC* certified technicians, they take pride in ensuring your job is completed quickly, completely, and accurately. Each team member is professional and courteous, respectfully treating each customer as though you are our only customer.

Any decent restoration company will be worth the money you spend, because it will cost you less in the long run than trying to tackle the job yourself. But why settle for less when it doesn’t cost more for service beyond compare?

*Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration