Choose a Trusted Partner

Sometimes, having too many choices makes a decision almost impossible. You are surrounded by storm or fire damage. Suddenly, there are more people than you can count ready to take your money so they can restore your losses. Where have they all come from? Are they for real?

You need to know because you’ve heard about people getting scammed after storms. The last thing you want now is to have someone kick you while you are down.

You are trying to recover from what you’ve already lost. It is natural to feel fear. To be afraid to make the wrong decision and lose even more. But you know you can’t wait.

Every second matters. Indecision is costing you money, increasing the damage as your home or business sits exposed to the elements, leaving it open for thieves and looters, and keeping you from running your business.

So how do you know who you can trust? How can you make your decision finally come clear?

At your most basic level, you need to find a company that was there yesterday and will be there tomorrow. Not some fly-by-night operation that steps in when you are vulnerable, and then leaves with your money and never comes back.

How do you know a company is for real?

  • Community based. Find a company that has built its reputation… and its buildings… in your area. Super Restoration has been working over 30 years in Southeastern Florida, and has offices in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade. Not only is Super Restoration located in your area… you are even welcome to take a tour!\
  • Accepts insurance. You need a company that works with your insurance company. Someone who skips the insurance and insists on cash payment before beginning raises a big red flag.
  • A contract. This is vital. A “gentlemen’s agreement” will not stand up in court, assuming you can even find the person who made the agreement. Unscrupulous smooth operators promise amazing results for great prices, but disappear with your money, never to be seen again.

So now that you’ve found a list of real companies that actually exist, and work in your area, you feel better. You at least know you are not going to be “taken” by a shyster who will be gone moments after your cash is in hand. But you want more, right? You want quality work.

How do you know you are getting quality work?

  • Transparency. At any time day or night, you can view your Super Restoration secured web-based client file. There you have access to your quote and timeline, photos and an inventory list of your property and contents, and copies of electronic correspondence between you and your dedicated restoration team. Only ethical contractors will be willing to provide this level of detail to its clients.
  • A dedicated restoration team. From the moment you first call Super Restoration, a Project Coordinator is assigned to your case. If you are not satisfied at any time, your Project Coordinator is only a phone call or email away. Your dedicated team will be on your restoration project from start to finish, ensuring your satisfaction.
  • A guarantee. Super Restoration not only guarantees its cost and timeline estimates, but also offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

You are really feeling much better now, aren’t you? You’ve narrowed your choices down to real companies that offer high quality work. Now you have the luxury of making sure you don’t pay too much.

How do you know you’ve found the best value?

  • Cost effectiveness. Most reputable contractors use the Xactimate software to create your estimate. Super Restoration also works with your insurance company to make sure the scope of your project will be covered.
  • Timeliness. You need your life back to normal as soon as possible. You don’t want to live in hotels or with your relatives forever. You want to know when you can expect to be back in your home. Super Restoration provides a timeline you can count on. We guarantee it.
  • Service beyond compare. Super Restoration knows this is not just business as usual for you. Each service team member understands the stress and concern you will feel until your life is back to normal. Because of this, they all work to provide extraordinary service:
    1. working directly with your insurance adjuster so you can focus on other things;
    2. securing the damaged area to protect your property, its contents, and – most importantly – your family;
    3. carefully packing items as though they were their own;
    4. photographing each item and adding it to the inventory lists to ensure all items are restored and returned to the home or business owner; and
    5. returning items to their original location when the project is complete.

You have a right to choose whatever restoration company you want. Choosing a reputable company that provides quality and value gives you satisfaction and peace of mind for years to come.