Exterior Mold Prevention Tips

Mold is an issue that no property owner wants to deal with. Not only can mold spread quickly through your house, but the cost of mold removal can eat up your personal savings.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your likelihood of mold. And in most cases, mold prevention starts on the outside.

  • Clean your gutters. Once a year – or as necessary – clean your gutters to remove leaves and other debris. Rainwater cannot properly drain if your gutters aren’t clear, and this moisture can back flow into your attic.
  • Patch a leaky roof. After a heavy rain storm, inspect your attic and check for signs of water damage and leaks. An attic leak is a mold trigger, as mold thrives in dark, moist areas. If your roof isn’t in the best condition, consider a replacement.
  • Use downspout extenders. Attaching an extender to your existing downspout helps rainwater flow away from your house. If you do not have an extender, rainwater may collect around your foundation, thus increasing your risk for mold.