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climate stabilization

Government buildings are held to a higher standard because they often receive visitors and must maintain a professional image. Remediate water, mold or fire damage as soon as it happens, with the contractors from Super Restoration. Our licensed technicians serve municipalities in the South Florida region with government building restorations when emergency assistance is needed. We provide restoration services to a broad spectrum of small and large government-owned facilities in Coconut Creek including hospitals, libraries and courthouses.

Government Facility Renovation Services

With roughly 30 years’ of experience as South Florida’s top cleanup and emergency services company, we are ready to handle any government building restoration project. Super Restoration has managed both small-scale restoration jobs and large projects covering many structures and taking several weeks. Our experience and expertise in the cleanup, restoration and renovation services gives us leeway to tackle any sector of the government and facilities, like:

  • Parks & Recreation locations
  • Military housing
  • Military bases
  • Federal agency buildings
  • State & local agencies
  • Airports and aviation fields
  • Courthouses
  • Fire & police stations
  • Public health facilities
  • Libraries
  • Educational locations
  • And more

asbestos abatement

Choose Our Knowledgeable Restoration Contractors

The security in government agencies is understandably rigid and well-maintained, and Super Restoration is aware of the restrictions related to such work. We have considerable first-hand experience with working on-location for the military and other sectors of the government. Our experience restoring damaged government buildings in the Coconut Creek region, means you can trust our contractors with total acquiescence to regulations. In addition, because our professionals understand the number of civilians working in government agencies is controlled, we are concentrated on using our time appropriately and efficiently.

Emergency cleanup and recovery work rarely include only one task. There are often various services necessary to renovate any property as a whole. Luckily, with Super Restoration of Coconut Creek we provide a variety of government building and property restoration work such as:

  • Structural cleaning, dehumidification & decontamination
  • Smoke & soot damage
  • Structural drying
  • Emergency water extraction
  • Biohazard remediation
  • Odor removal
  • Temporary power supply resources
  • Damaged equipment, electronics & machinery repair
  • Mold remediation

Super VIP Program

Along with reputable and reliable cleaning, damage cleaning and restoration services, Super Restoration will help your government facilities or the agencies hosted in your facility with creating an emergency disaster plan. Our Super VIP Program starts with a thorough evaluation of the property and narrow down problems to address in an emergency disaster plan.

When designing and arranging a disaster plan, we have the same objective as you, which is to minimize, or if possible, eliminate downtime. Minimal disruption to work keeps your government agency functioning safely, no matter the emergency you’re dealing with. We are Coconut Creek‘s largest emergency response and disaster recuperation provider. Our 30-plus years of dependable service in South Florida ensures we are ready to address any disaster or emergency you may come across.

Get Emergency Help Immediately

We know how important it is for government facilities to be in operation as quickly as possible. Get in touch with Super Restoration immediately at 954-385-9755. We’ll ensure the project is taken care of promptly and that your government building is a safe place to work again.