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At Super Restoration, we take meticulous care when we’re restoring health care centers across Southern Florida. We understand that having a sterilized environment is important for some types of facilities, and the professionals with Super Restoration are here for health care facility renovation services. Mold and water damage can be a serious drawback in any property, but especially health care facilities, because mold can cause health hazards when it’s not dealt with immediately. Whether your structure has been affected by water, mold or fire damage, you can count on the specialists at Super Restoration to handle any of the damage. When our team is on the job, we’ll make sure your building is a safe place to be in again.

Health and Medical Care Providers We Work With

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Health care facility damage restorations are performed to inhibit more damage and renovate what has already occurred. We provide professional renovation services in a range of health care settings, such as elderly care homes, recuperation centers and dental clinics. If there are mold molecules present or remnants of particles from a fire, it can cause serious reactions in certain patients and require health care facility restorations. This is especially true if you supervise a surgical suite, where you’re dealing with open incisions and handle disinfected tools.

Below are some of the health care facility renovation services we offer in South Florida:

  • Mold inspections and removal
  • Water damage remediation
  • Dehumidification
  • Fire and smoke damage renovation
  • Biohazard removal services
  • Content cleaning
  • Document restoration
  • Emergency power and reconstruction

Professional Damage Recovery Experts

Routine maintenance personnel and regimented biohazard handling practices can keep a hospital generally clean but some problems are more stealthy. If a building’s foundation is weakened, it can lead to water damage and eventually mold damage that may go undetected for quite some time. Health care facility damage restorations look for clues of this kind of deterioration and know exactly how to offer treatment to steer clear of it going forward. In the aftermath of a destructive fire, our qualified contractors in South Florida are knowledgeable and skilled in fire and smoke damage restoration. Dentist’s offices, optometrist centers and other health care practitioners would be wise to choose professional renovation services for health care institutions.

Your Best Solution

For more than three decades, Super Restoration has offered the South Florida region with well-done health care facility restorations. Our careful attention to detail and quick service makes us a great fit for hospitals and health care clinics that need efficient and thorough solutions. We understand how critical it is to have a highly operational facility to look after patients at once. That’s why we make the necessary accommodations to make sure that your center can continue to operate during the health care facility remediation process. When you reach out to our loyal staff, you can expect a response all year-round.

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Health care facilities in South Florida can depend on Super Restoration for damage renovation services. No matter what ruin is left behind, our damage remediation team will ensure the project is taken care of. Contact Super Restoration now for health care facility renovation services in South Florida.