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generator rental

Super Restoration is ready when a disaster strikes. Super Restoration provides you alternative power solutions, whatever the capability you require. We are a provider of back up generator rentals in Dania , FL. We have an assortment of rentable power sources, distribution applications, and generator systems. Our generators are available in capacities ranging from 36 KW to 1750 KW. If you’re not sure of the wattage you need, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will advise on the best option for your situation. Super Restoration’s rentable power equipment is ready to rent to you when disaster strikes. Your emergency power equipment is delivered speedily to your location in Dania. Portable generators can be provided in less than an hour to minimize operational downtime and keep your business up and running as it should. So, if you are planning a project or handling an unplanned emergency, Super Restoration provides temporary and portable power solutions. Anything from fire, flood, wind, crime and even wildlife can suspend your power and wreak havoc in your business or home. When you find yourself in the dark, call Super Restoration at 954-385-9755. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back to work as usual.

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Emergency Response Plans

Emergencies are inescapable. It is best be as prepared as possible, and keep things moving as they should with a well-orchestrated emergency response plan. Having a contingency plan ready before a power outage or natural disaster is crucial to lessen disruption. Super Restoration has an Emergency Response Program designed to help you through any number of emergency situations.

Your Super Restoration Disaster Specialists begin with an on-site visit to your property to determine vulnerabilities on your property. You and your disaster specialists work together to design a strategic and thorough plan covering a variety of potential disasters. The result is a plan that saves you effort while minimizing damage when disaster strikes. Your plan curbs your downtime, so you can get back to the business of doing business. Your plan diminishes the cost of restoring your losses, so you are not inundated with a financial issue that destroys your business. Best of all, your plan gets your life – and business – back to normal.

As an elect member of Super Restoration’s Emergency Response Program, you have priority access to emergency resources, our response crews and can participate in our rewards program. For more information, contact us at 954-385-9755! There is no obligation. We are here to help you prepare so any future emergencies won’t slow you down.