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climate stabilization

Government facilities are held to a higher standard because they often receive visitors and are supposed to keep up a professional appearance. Get treatment for fire, water or mold damage as soon as it takes place, with the contractors from Super Restoration. Our licensed technicians serve municipalities in the South Florida community with government building restorations when emergency assistance is needed. We deliver restoration services to a vast variety of small and large government-owned facilities in Deerfield Beach including courthouses, hospitals and libraries.

Trustworthy Damage Treatment and Renovation Services

If your building has water damage from a down pouring rain, it’s plausible that it also has some amount of mold damage. It’s important that you get government agency renovation services to ensure that guests and employees won’t be adversely impacted by the mold. The same applies for fires that leave behind smoke residue and have the ability to contaminate the air with harmful chemicals. These malignant particles can cause red eyes, skin irritation and breathing problems, especially in individuals who have asthma.

Below are some of the government facility renovation services offered in the South Florida community:

  • Mold inspections and remediation
  • Water damage renovation and dehumidification
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Biohazard removal services
  • Content cleaning and document restoration
  • Reconstruction and emergency power

asbestos abatement

Depend on Super Restoration

When it comes to state and federal buildings, it’s best to put renovation services in the hands of professional technicians. That’s because professionally performed government agency renovations are the most reliable way to secure the health of everyone inside and properly maintain the building. Smoke or mold damage can create airborne contaminants and it’s vital to get rid of the issue at the source to avoid further problems. Our expertly trained technicians are proficient in government building restorations and have impressive experience working in the field. You can have peace of mind knowing that our dependable crew will perform any renovation services with the greatest attention to detail.

Extra Super Restoration Services for Government Agencies

Super Restoration takes property recovery services even further with our Super VIP Program. This program provides government buildings a thorough analysis of the property to address any problems that could arise in an emergency disaster. This means our crew will help government buildings form an emergency disaster plan for the safety of all workers.

Administering an emergency disaster plan can also minimize the downtime of restoration when your building has been affected by a natural disaster. Minimal downtime is essential for any government agency in Deerfield Beach, and we’re available to make sure your building is safe when its back up and running. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and our damage recovery contractors are always ready to assist any government facility in case of an emergency.

Call Super Restoration

South Florida government agencies look to Super Restoration for exceptional remediation services. If your office is experiencing fire, water or mold damage, our expert contractors are on call for government building restorations. Make your office a safe and clean place for your staff to enjoy working in. Give our staff a call at 954-385-9755 to learn more about government agency renovation services.