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climate stabilization

Government facilities are held to a higher standard because they often receive visitors and must preserve a professional look. Remediate mold, fire or water damage as soon as it happens, with the contractors from Super Restoration. Our licensed technicians serve municipalities in the South Florida region with government building restorations when emergency assistance is necessary. We provide renovation services to a vast variety of small and large government-owned facilities in Hollywood including libraries, courthouses and hospitals.

Dependable Cleanup and Renovation Services

Super Restoration has about 30 years of experience as South Florida’s leading damage restoration company. Our contractors are available to handle all government building restoration services in Hollywood. No matter the extent of the project, Super Restoration can do what’s needed to complete the project. We have knowledge in performing damage recovery services for many government facilities, such as:

  • Parks & Recreation locations
  • Military housing
  • Military bases
  • Federal agency buildings
  • State & local agencies Airports and aviation fields
  • Courthouses
  • Fire & police stations
  • Public health facilities
  • Libraries
  • Educational locations
  • And more

asbestos abatement

Choose Our Experienced Renovation Technicians

Government facilities have unique guidelines about how they’re maintained and secured. Super Restoration is knowledgeable with this subject and our contractors are cognizant of the limitations that accompany projects like these. We have an impressive background of restoring military facilities and other governmental buildings in the Hollywood, FL, area. We know how pertinent it is for government institutions to be back in operation as soon as possible. That’s why the crew at Super Restoration concentrates on working productively on government renovation initiatives.

Restoring facilities takes a sufficient workforce, but this is one of our main areas of specialization and all issues are taken care of on the job. There are several steps that the damage restoration specialists at Super Restoration take when it comes to our government building restoration services. This includes the following steps:

  • Structural cleaning, dehumidification & decontamination
  • Smoke & soot damage
  • Structural drying
  • Emergency water extraction
  • Biohazard remediation
  • Odor removal
  • Temporary power supply resources
  • Damaged equipment, electronics & machinery repair
  • Mold remediation

Super VIP Program

Along with trustworthy and dependable cleaning, damage cleaning and restoration services, Super Restoration will help your government agency or the agencies hosted in your facility with creating an emergency disaster plan. Our Super VIP Program starts with a thorough assessment of the property and identify issues to address in an emergency disaster plan.

When designing and organizing a disaster plan, we have the same goal as you, which is to minimize, or if possible, eliminate downtime. Minimal interference to work keeps your government agency operating in a safe way, regardless of the emergency you’re dealing with. We are Hollywood‘s largest emergency response and disaster restoration provider. Our more than 30 years of reliable service in South Florida ensures we are ready to address any disaster or emergency you may encounter.

Get Immediate Services Today

We know how fundamental it is for government agencies to be in operation as soon as possible. Get in touch with Super Restoration now at 954-385-9755. We’ll make sure the project is handled efficiently and that your government facility is a safe environment once again.