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climate stabilization

When a disaster happens, buildings are open to all types of damages. Government institutions in South Florida can depend on the contractors at Super Restoration. We’re the leading damage recuperation specialists with a trustworthy contingency plan and emergency services for government buildings in Margate. Because South Florida is exposed to disastrous storms, the team at Super Restoration is here to answer the call to ease and fix property damage in the region. Our crew has the understanding and licensure necessary for government building restoration services, and you can always count on us for your project.

Property Renovations You Can Rely On

If your office has water damage from a heavy rain, it’s likely that it also has some level of mold damage. It’s vital that you get government building restoration services to ensure that guests and employees won’t be adversely impacted by the mold spores. The same is applicable for fires that leave behind smoke residue and have the possibility to pollute the air with noxious substances. These malignant particles can cause red eyes, skin irritation and respiratory issues, especially in individuals who suffer from asthma.

Below are some of the government building renovation services offered in the South Florida region:

  • Mold inspections and remediation
  • Water damage renovation and dehumidification
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Biohazard removal services
  • Content cleaning and document restoration
  • Reconstruction and emergency power

asbestos abatement

Depend on Super Restoration

When it comes to state and federal buildings, renovation services should always be placed in the hands of specialized contractors. That’s because professionally performed government building restorations are the best way to protect the health of everyone inside and provide proper upkeep to the building. Mold or smoke damage can produce airborne pollutants and it’s vital to get rid of the problem at the source to prevent further problems. Our highly trained technicians are skilled in government building restorations and have many years of experience in the field. You can rest easy knowing that our reliable crew will carry out any renovation services with the greatest attentiveness.

Super VIP Program

Along with reputable and reliable cleaning, damage cleaning and renovation services, Super Restoration will help your government buildings or the agencies hosted in your facility with making an emergency disaster plan. Our Super VIP Program starts with a thorough assessment of the property and narrow down areas of concern to address in an emergency disaster plan.

When creating and arranging a disaster plan, we have the same aim as you, which is to reduce, or if possible, completely wipe out downtime. Minimal disruption to work keeps your government agency operating safely, regardless of the emergency you face. We are South Florida’s largest emergency response and disaster recovery provider. Our roughly 30 years of dependable service in South Florida ensures we are prepared to address any disaster or emergency you may encounter.

Reach Out to Super Restoration

South Florida government institutions look to Super Restoration for exceptional restoration work. If your office is experiencing water, mold or fire damage, our expert technicians are on call for government building restorations. Make your office a clean and safe place for your employees to feel comfortable working in. Give our staff a call at 954-385-9755 to learn more about government building restoration services.