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Super Restoration of Margate has been renovating local health care centers for nearly three decades. Our technicians have the tools and first-hand knowledge necessary to handle any emergency disaster recuperation work that occurs. Whether you work for a hospital, a rehabilitation center, or a suite of offices when disaster strikes, you need a crew of reliable and convenient renovation professionals. As an additional benefit for hospitals and care institutions, our emergency response services are available 24/7.

Health Care and Medical Givers We Work With

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Super Restoration’s health care facility renovation services are provided to mitigate further damages from happening and remediating damages that have already been sustained. We have experience in renovating various health care facilities, like rehab centers, dental offices and hospitals. It’s important for patients to have a clean facility to find care. If your health care facility has experienced anything from water damage to fire damage, it’s essential to have a professional fix the destruction. Because of our hands-on knowledge with renovating property damage to health care buildings, you can depend on Super Restoration.

The damage recuperation crew at Super Restoration conducts exhaustive evaluations when they’re on the job. This encompasses:

  • Mold inspections and removal
  • Water damage remediation
  • Dehumidification
  • Fire and smoke damage renovation
  • Biohazard removal services
  • Content cleaning
  • Document restoration
  • Emergency power and reconstruction

Experienced Damage Restoration Experts

South Florida is vulnerable to geological hazards, and Super Restoration knows how fundamental it is for health care facilities to stay in operation. If your building’s structure declines, it can be open to water damage, which makes it susceptible to mold. With us, our damage specialists look out for this sort of thing so that you can be positive your health care facility is in good condition. When we’re on duty, we’ll look for any indications of framework decline and mold. If your building has undergone damage from a calamity, we’ll make sure that the damage is dealt with correctly. Whether it’s smoke, flood, mold or water, Super Restoration has tackled it all in Margate, FL.

Supplementary Services from Super Restoration

Super Restoration will restore your health care facility wherever it is in Margate, FL. We also form emergency disaster programs for large-scale operations, like clinics and other health care centers. Our Super VIP Program includes a comprehensive evaluation of the facility and creates an emergency plan that addresses issues and keeps your staff, residents and patients safe.

Our Super VIP Program emergency plan decreases downtime and aims to do away with disruption for your health care center. We understand the significance of your facility performing as it should, so we work to make sure you’re serviceable regardless of the disaster or weather emergency your business in. We are Margate‘s largest emergency response and disaster recuperation company.

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Whether you’re tackling the aftermath of weather, vandalism, fire or other disasters, contact Super Restoration to clean up and restore your health care facility. You can count on us at 954-385-9755.