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Super Restoration of Pompano Beach has been restoring regional health care buildings for nearly three decades. Our technicians have the understanding and first-hand knowledge necessary to handle any emergency disaster recuperation work that we do. Whether you work for a rehabilitation center, a suite of offices or a hospital when disaster hits, you need a crew of dependable and convenient renovation experts. Plus, our emergency response contractors are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Health and Medical Care Providers We Work With

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Super Restoration’s health care facility renovation services are provided to mitigate further damages from taking place and repairing damages that have already been sustained. We have experience in restoring various health care facilities, such as rehab centers, dental offices and hospitals. It’s vital for patients to have a secure facility to have procedures done. If your health care facility has experienced anything from water and mold damage to fire and smoke damage, it’s critical to have a professional repair the destruction. You can rely on Super Restoration because of our hands-on knowledge with restoring property damage to health care centers.

The damage restoration crew at Super Restoration conducts exhaustive analysis when they’re on the job. This encompasses:

  • Mold inspections and removal
  • Water damage remediation
  • Dehumidification
  • Fire and smoke damage renovation
  • Biohazard removal services
  • Content cleaning
  • Document restoration
  • Emergency power and reconstruction

Hire Experienced Contractors for Experienced Restorations

Southern Florida is susceptible to natural disasters, and Super Restoration understands how important it is for health care facilities to have their hours of operation. If your structure’s foundation declines, it can be exposed to water damage, which makes it open to mold. With Super Restoration, our damage specialists look out for this type of thing so that you can be certain your health care facility is in good condition. When we arrive on-site, we’ll inspect for any hints of foundational deterioration and mold. If your property has gone through damage from a calamity, we’ll make sure that the damage is taken care of the right way. Whether it’s smoke, flood, mold or water, Super Restoration has tackled it all in Pompano Beach.

Extra Services from Super Restoration

Super Restoration will restore your health care facility wherever it is in Pompano Beach. We also form emergency disaster plans for massive operations, like hospitals and other health care facilities. Our Super VIP Program encompasses an in-depth assessment of the facility and creates an emergency plan that addresses issues and keeps your patients, staff and residents safe.

Our Super VIP Program emergency strategies reduces downtime and aims to remove interference for your health care establishment. We understand the gravity of your facility operating as it should, so we work to keep you active regardless of the catastrophe or geological hazard your business in. We are Pompano Beach‘s largest emergency response and disaster recuperation company.

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If you are a health care professional or hospital manager in Southern Florida, reach out to Super Restoration for outstanding health care facility renovation services. Whether it has to do with the aftermath of fire, water or mold damage, our contractors have the aptitude to assist you. We’ve assisted a multitude of facilities in elder care, physical therapy and other specialties to make for a cleaner environment for their patients. Get in touch with our contractors in Southern Florida at 954-385-9755 to get more information about our health care facility damage renovations.