Flood Cleanup: Why You Need Professionals

Floods can strike without warning, and leave crippling damage that threatens the future of your home or business. After the flood recedes, you have a few concerns on your mind:

  • Getting your condominium or home habitable again.
  • The welfare of your family or tenants.
  • How much it’s all going to cost.

We understand those concerns.

We also understand that you need to make a decision-fast.

From the moment water breaches your building, the clock is ticking.

In dealing with flood damage, choosing the right professionals makes a world of difference. It’s the difference between recovery and disaster. First, you need to be informed on what constitutes a professional cleanup service, and then you can act.

Look out for the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), and beware of any companies that don’t possess it or aren’t willing to disclose. That’s a red flag, as the IICRC is an industry standard that signifies proven professionalism. A professional company can evaluate the damage precisely, whether an apartment complex or a small home. They will offer 24/7 emergency contact support, and give a damage assessment once they’ve initially inspected the unit. Furthermore, they can detect mold and moisture levels accurately, pinpointing areas that need special attention.

Affected surfaces like carpet, hardwood and tile need to be specially treated, not just dried and scrubbed. This involves getting underneath the tile, and in many cases, removing entire sections of carpeting. It involves the heavy labor, like removing water logged furniture and fixtures, as well as the specialized work like determining when the interior has thoroughly dried.

In addition to all of that, the type of water matters too.

Yes, there are categories (1-3) of water in flood cleanup, ranging from sanitary and relatively clean to utterly filthy and toxic.

And the categories make a big, big difference.

Once all of the above is taken into account, you have to worry about subsequent mold. If significant time has passed since the water damage occurred, mold is likely already festering. Furthermore, extensive water damage may even lead to structural instability. That opens up a whole new Pandora’s box of health and liability related issues. For owners of a condominium or apartment building, tenant and worker safety must be considered.

And it’s no time for guesswork.

Trained, experienced professionals are the ones to make the decision on when people can safely reside in the unit, if at all.

Starting to see why you need a professional?

When it comes to flood restoration, you can’t mess around. Time is of the essence, and every second that you delay translates to higher costs and more downtime for your business. A professional cleanup company may be able to salvage most of the dwelling, or even return it to pre-flood conditions. Depending on the extent of damage (and how long you take to act), part or all of the interior may be saved. Seasoned, knowledgeable professionals can do that-because they’ve been around long enough to see a multitude of different flood damage scenarios. They’re your best bet at getting the unit habitable again, and getting back to business as usual.