How to fry a turkey without burning your house

The Holidays are finally here, now its time for the bright decorations, some cold weather and over eating. One of our favorite Holidays is Thanksgiving, not only do we get together with family and friends to show appreciation and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives, but to savor a healthy portion of crunchy, crispy turkey goodness along side the many variations of carbohydrates.

Lets get to the point folks! How to fry a delicious turkey without the need of any Miami Fire Damage Restoration company along with sirens and a show for the entire block to see.

  1. Make sure you have a “turkey fryer”, abuelas crock pot will not work!
  2. Use oils with a high smoke point, like canola oil and peanut oil. Our favorite is peanut oil; it gives the turkey a really nice crunch and taste.
  3. DO NOT OVERFILL the fryer with oil. Remember that when the turkey is added to the oil, the oil will rise. We suggest adding oil to 1/3 of the fryer before heating the oil and do a test by submerging the turkey to see how much oil you will need.
  4. The turkey has to be thawed, AKA at room temperature.
  5. ONLY fry the turkey outdoors, in a ventilated area, away from buildings, the uncle that drinks a bit too much and any flammable objects. If it has a roof then it’s a NO-NO.
  6. Pick a flat and sturdy surface; we wouldn’t want any spilling.
  7. Keep at least two feet of space between the liquid propane tank and the fryer burner.
  8. Wear well-insulated potholders or oven mitts and safety goggles to protect eyes from oil splatter.
  9. Add the turkey to the hot oil slowly and very carefully; any spilling of hot oil into the burner may cause a fire
  10. If oil begins to smoke, immediately TURN THE GASS OFF.
  11. Keep away from children, pets and those who might be a little tipsy.
  12. Keep a fire extinguisher near by.
  13. Do not leave the fryer unattended; oil stays hot hours after the turkey is done frying.
  14. Keep a bed near for you will be very sleepy after eating a huge, unnecessary portion of crispy turkey.

Be safe!