Immediate Steps After a Fire

So the unthinkable just happened–everything, or at least a lot of things, just went up in smoke. What are the next steps now? Maybe this hasn’t happened quite yet to you, but if it does you’d like to know how to handle yourself and your home if it does go up in flames.

Here are five tips for you to follow if the unfortunate incident of fire does occur to your home.

1. Air it Out

First step is first, open all the windows and doors. This will allow what smoke has been trapped up in your home to escape and prevent ventilation issues and future infections in your family and your lungs. While the airing out process is happening, be sure to clean out your furnace’s filter as well (as the soot will build up if it’s turned on throughout this).

2. Dry all wet items

If any of your items became wet due to putting out the fire, be sure to remove as much water as possible. Not doing so can lead to a build-up of mold or mildew inside the home.

3. Remove all copper or brass items.

Within 24 hours any copper or brass knob or bed-post can be etched by the smoke and damaged.

4. Put plastic on dried surfaces/items during repairs

This step will save you from having to do further cleaning after the repair services leave.

5. Consult a professional for smoke odor removal

A professional can supply your home with counteractants; that are chemicals used to break up smoke molecules to eliminate their odors. It can be applied to furniture, draperies, clothing, and any cloth-like item.