Mold Inspections

Super Restoration not only specializes in mold remediation, but also provides quality mold inspection services. This can be an important part of buying a home or a business, as the effects of mold not only affects the quality of the property, but can also affect the way people breathe and feel.

Mold inspection is especially important for properties that have experienced flooding, a leaky roof, or any other type of water damage. Mold may be visually apparent in some areas, but other areas with mold damage may not be as obvious. During their mold inspection process, Super Restoration will not only be able to trace the source of the mold, but can also test the mold to find out if it is allergenic, cosmetic, pathogenic or even toxic.

While some mold may not be visible, it is still likely that you will be able to smell it. This is where the experts at Super Restoration really earn their money, as they will be able to find the location of the mold and get rid of that disturbing odor without the need for the source of the problem to be visible.

The advancements in construction have resulted in increased energy efficiency, but the way structures are being built now can be a problem when it comes to mold. Because mold thrives in dark, moist, and warm crevices, the “green” construction that is part of building these days can lead to mold developing. Super Restoration has the experience and knowledge to assess areas that could present problems with mold, as well as the ability to inspect the air for mold spores, which are inherently present anywhere mold exists. Their inspectors leave no corner unturned. They will check behind washing machines, in dark corners of closets, under cabinets, in crawl spaces, attics, duct work, and anywhere else they need to be sure your property is safe from mold.

In the event that they do find a mold problem, Super Restoration will be able to solve it as they are also experts in mold remediation. They can take care of the source of the mold by using the necessary biocides to kill it, and then clean the area with professional equipment and strong solvents to be sure any mold spores will also be dead.

When mold inspection is necessary, it only makes sense to hire a company that also specializes in mold remediation. That’s what makes Super Restoration a logical choice for Florida home and business owners.

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