Mold: The Hidden Danger

When people think of mold they more than likely think of the fuzzy growth that shows up on leftovers when left in the fridge too long or the green spots that show up on an old loaf of bread. Although these types of mold can be dangerous if ingested, most people know enough to toss the food that it shows up on. More dangerous than that is the unseen mold that can build up behind the walls of home and offices.

Mold develops in dark, moist spaces. It is often not an issue in newer homes that are properly sealed as they are unlikely to have space where water can sneak into. In older homes however, especially those with basements, it is a common feature for mold to grow in unseen parts where perhaps water has leaked or has been pooling in from outside. Many people ignore the mold that shows up in basements and hidden spaces thinking that it will not be a problem. Mold clean up may seem like it will be a needless expense when it is an unused space, but this is not the case.

Mold spores spread in the air and become attached to other areas. It can stretch from the basement behind the walls and fill the house with potentially deadly spores. Mold removal is an important step to ensuring that a space is safe for anyone to be in. Mold can cause breathing problems in people who come in contact with it and in some cases cause individuals to become very ill. It is important to see that the problem is taken care of before it becomes too much to be handled.