Preventing Mold in Your Child’s Bedroom

Once mold takes hold, it can be difficult to remove. While there are many negatives to having mold in your home, some of the greatest risks are the health problems. Black mold has especially been known to cause problems, particularly to those with allergies or asthma. Children and the elderly are at a greater risk when it comes to mold. Because of this, it is important to properly prevent mold in your children’s bedrooms, and around the whole house. Follow these tips to better protect your family from mold.


While it can be nice to have a humidifier in the room when you are sick, don’t leave this on every night. Humidity is one of the crucial things mold needs to grow. If your child for any reason needs a humidifier to sleep, be sure to use it sparingly. Mold only needs a humidity higher than 55% to begin growing.

But monitoring your humidifier is not enough for preventing mold. Be sure your home is properly ventilated. This will help keep the air circulating your home, preventing from this problem. Whenever it’s raining outside, be sure to keep the windows closed during rainstorms to prevent the moisture from entering your children’s rooms.

Look for Water

If your child’s bedroom is downstairs or even bordering the bathroom, sometimes leaks can occur. Look for these problem areas around the walls and ceiling of the room. Identify not just the problem, but the cause as well and work to fix this.

If an accumulation of water does happen, make sure to dry the area immediately. Mold requires moisture to grow, taking away this essential source will help prevent mold from entering your home. Check your children’s rooms on a regular basis to ensure the resources aren’t there for mold to grow.

Check the Clutter

It’s an unrealistic expectation that our children’s toys, clothes, and books will be kept organized at all times, but this could be crucial in preventing mold. If nothing else, watch out for clutter resting against air vents. Blocking these from circulating can cause a buildup of condensation, making an easier way for mold to grow. Make an effort to keep your children’s rooms as clutter-free as possible.

Keep mold out of your children’s bedrooms with these three simple steps. As with most things, being aware of your surroundings is one of the first steps to preventing mold in your children’s room. Watch out for the dangers that supports mold growth.