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No matter if you have a project planned that will disrupt your power, or face the prospects of a natural disaster, Super Restoration has your emergency power source available. We provide compact, temporary emergency power options for large scale and small scale uses across the Broward, county. Because we carry several models of rentable generators, we are your best option for emergency back-up power. With wattages ranging from 36 KW to 1750 KW, we have a generator that will work, regardless of the size of your needs.

Severe torms are common across Florida. Storms cause property damage and power outages from coast to coast. Problems like earthquakes, fires, crime, vandalism and wind strike without warning. Having a dependable damage restoration firm that provides emergency power sources on your side is reassuring in a time of unpredictability, stress, and uncertainty. Your local Broward Super Restoration, completes an array of disaster recovery and damage restoration circumstances, including generator rentals.

Our temporary generators are available for commercial and residential needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Emergency power generators and backup power sources are delivered quickly. Our service providers deliver the generators fast, regardless of where and when they are needed. Portable units can be provided in as little as 1 hour or less to lessen downtime and keep you up and running. There is no reason to go without power with Super Restoration in Broward. Contact us at 954-385-9755 to keep things working well.

temporary power

ERP-Services Plans for Emergency Situations

Although you cannot predict when an emergency will happen, you can prepare for them. Emergency response plans, or ERPs are beneficial for protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees or family. Contingency plans keep things running smoothly while providing steps through any disaster. Super Restoration of Broward has an Emergency Response Program as a feature of our provided services.

We begin with an on-site evaluation as the first step in our Emergency Response Program. A designated Super Restoration Disaster Specialists travels to your facility to study the environment. They look for problematic areas and find vulnerabilities in your property. Next, the specialist will work with you to design a strategized plan to see you through a variety of disasters you may encounter. The plan is designed to lessen damages, safety problems and restore your losses, so you can return to business as normal as soon as possible. Super Restoration values the importance of an effective plan to minimize expenses that accompany disasters and power outages. We work closely with you, our clients, providing peace of mind.

Super Restoration’s Emergency Response Program allows you priority access to our ERP teams, emergency resources and the advantage of participate in our rewards program. Details are available by contacting our team at 954-385-9755. We are here to answer your questions about this and any other service we provide. Super Restoration of Broward is eager to help you create a plan, so any future emergencies won’t stop you in your tracks.