Student in danger of health issues due to mold

A college student had just bought an apartment near his campus and about 2 weeks later began to feel ill. He felt shortness of breath, runny nose, and itchy eyes. He looked online for many reasons to why he may have these symptoms and realized he has mold in his home. He called our 24- hour emergency service line, and an appointment was set up with one of our certified mold inspectors. Upon inspecting the apartment, the inspector found a few issues that can be leading to compromised indoor air conditioning and potential mold concerns.

First, the air conditioning unit seemed to not be operating correctly due to condensation noticed around the air conditioning vents. In addition, 2 windows in the family room were leaking and the carpet was humid due to water intrusion from the outside. Tests were performed and a plan of action/protocol was drawn up to begin remediation work, 2 months later, the college student is now free of symptoms and excelling in school.

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