Super Restoration is the Leader in Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage can be unexpected and can seriously devastate a home. Water damage may not sound very threatening, but it can cause structural issues, ruin drywall and flooring, and if not removed properly, lead to rot and health threatening mold and mildew. If your home has been damaged by a storm, or has suffered damage from another unexpected natural disaster such as flooding or a fire, calling the right professional restoration team makes all the difference. In the Miami Dade area, Super Restoration is the expert to contact.

Super Restoration has the experience, knowledge, and tools to fully restore any home after a storm has caused damage. Many homeowners assume that their local contractor, who may have repaired their home in the past, can extract the water and repair any damage. But most contractors lack the experience and knowledge to fully extract water, and may not know where to check for hidden or unexpected damage. They simply aren’t prepared to handle the many challenges of storm damage like Super Restoration is.

Water from a storm can be full of toxins, bacteria, and even sewage from line breaks can become trapped behind walls or under flooring. By delaying the proper clean up treatments, even by a day or two, the damage can multiply. Structural damage may be present that is hard to identify, and mold and mildew only need hours to develop in a warm environment. Flooring, drywall, and treasured items are often the first to succumb to water, but if you call Super Restorations as quickly as possible, our trained technicians can work to save your possessions and restore your home.

When we arrive at a home that has been damaged by a storm, we immediately go to work stabilizing the environment and working to board up or cover any openings that will let in more containment or water. Once the building is secure, Super Restoration technicians bring in the state of the art dehumidify and sterilization equipment that makes our methods so effective.

Once the water has been removed, we check the structure thoroughly for additional damage, or hidden pockets of water. We also check for any mold, mildew, or bacteria growths that may have occurred. If we find them, our containment and treatment methods immediately stop the spread of spores or contaminants and remove the problem. We work to quickly and completely clean and repair your home, so you can return to it in a matter of days or weeks, instead of months.

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