Warning! Avoid Mold in Your Child’s Bedroom

Dear Reader,

We’ve all heard the stories about “black” mold in the media and how dangerous it can be. Many people believe that’s a problem in old, dilapidated houses. True enough but any house can be susceptible to mold growth. It doesn’t take walls covered with it for it to present a health concern. Children with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable but any child can suffer from the effects. Super Restoration can help with these troubles.

Does your child have allergy trouble? Asthma? Does he or she seem to always have some sort of cold?

Mold present in your home can cause all of those problems. It’s just one more thing their bodies have to fight off. Especially during the flu season when immune systems need to be at top efficiency. Mold in their bedroom is just not an option.

Companies such as Super Restoration are able to deal with your mold problems on an emergency basis if necessary. They can deal with mold removal and also restore your home in such a way as to help prevent another recurrence of dangerous levels of mold. It can’t be kept out completely but it can be controlled.

Super Restoration has equipment such as HEPA vacuum cleaners to rid the floors and furniture of mold spores. They can also do work such as installing humidity control devices for your furnace, seal air leaks to prevent build up of moisture and take away mold’s preferred stagnant air conditions. Super Restoration can remodel and repair any walls that have been harboring mold growth or are at danger of harboring mold growth due to flooding or other major or minor problem with your home.

Studies done by the Mayo Clinic have identified mold as the causative factor in chronic sinusitis in 37 million Americans. Is your child one of these? Mold is also implicated in an increase in childhood asthma. Are you one of those parents that has had to sit with your child in the ER with an asthma attack? Do you have to be ready with a nebulizer when your child can’t breath at night due to asthma?

A company like Super Restoration can take care of all these problems with the skills of experience. You don’t want to discover you child has been suffering unnecessarily from mold in their bedrooms and then have an ill equipped company handle your problem. You want it gone. You want your child to sleep safely without having to worry about breathing problems, coughing, poor health or risking the health of a child who already is dealing with a compromised immune system.

Get the mold out and sleep well at night knowing your child is too.