Word of Mouth & Social Media

Today’s world is filled with information overload. How do you cut through the noise to find the services you need? How much stock should you put into service evaluation sites and social media?

Most people do not find their restoration company in advance. When an emergency strikes, they rely on social media for help. Whether a service evaluation service like Angie’s List or Yelp, or social sites like Facebook or Twitter, what’s a person to believe?

Word of mouth has always been a great way to find any type of services you may need, including damage restoration. Social media now offers a way to “hear the word” from more than just one or two people, but from a host of people.

This can be quite good, but there are a few precautions to consider.

When evaluating what you see on social media, consider the overall response. How many evaluations have been submitted? A larger number of submissions suggests a more accurate response from customers. With only a few evaluations, results could be skewed. For example, one bad review out of only four reviews can make a great company look bad. Or underhanded companies may find ways to submit a few falsified reviews to make themselves look better than they are. The larger the number of evaluations, the less impact falsified reviews will have on the overall evaluation score.

Are there both positive and negative reviews? Sooner or later, even the best companies will have an unhappy customer. If there are no negative reviews, it could be a sign that the company is removing unfavorable responses in order to create a stronger overall score.

Also look at the company response to negative reviews. Is there a response at all? If so, is it professional and respectful in its tone? Does it offer a remedy, or simply excuses?

Does the reviewer only offer a star or number rating, or do they include an explanation of their response? A detailed explanation certainly provides more information to you as you consider a given company. Picture proof is also helpful if available. Do any of the reviews offer before and after photos? If so, these can provide even more credibility to the review.

Consider also the source of the reviews. Does the review link back to a reputable company you already know and trust? Does it come from a reviewer who says only negative things about all the companies he/she evaluates?

When considering the reviews, also consider the site itself. Is it an amateur blog written a few years ago? It may not offer a very relevant opinion. If it is a professional review site like Angie’s List, however, the opinions expressed are more likely to be recent, verified, and relevant.

It’s best not to blindly accept one review from a stranger on the Internet. But looking at the overall picture painted by service evaluation sites and social media can help point you to quality companies who will leave you satisfied with the service provided.